On the Internet,
No One Knows You're a Cat

Of course, now that you've seen my picture, my identity is not a secret. Personally, I don't understand what's the big deal with all the net surfing. I'd much rather sit on my deck here in Winston-Salem, NC (Forsyth County) and surf for mice, squirrels, or anything smaller than me with four legs or do impersonations of the First Cat. Occasionally, a couple of my friends from the opossum family drop by to eat my leftover food. However, my best friend Edith is having lots of fun surfing and learning about her new computer. If you think my picture is cute, you can send me email in care of edith@triad.rr.com. Contrary to my wishes, my privacy has been invaded and using the new sound blaster my feeding time has been recorded for the whole world to hear. However, with a little catnip, I can be a real party animal as evidenced by these photos: Santa Sis, New Year Sis, Valentine Sis, Easter Sis, and Halloween Sis. When I am being serious, I support the movement to prevent Kitty Porn.

My web page is bringing me a certain amount of attention as indicated by my counter below. I am also getting some fan mail which I appreciate. There is one special Cyber-relationship developing and I am hopeful that there may be some Cyber-sex in my future.

My friend is quite a singer. In her youth, she went to Glen Echo Park near Washington, DC. While there she recorded a then popular love song named Heartaches to her future hushand, Ralph. At that time, Glen Echo was a very popular amusement park. One of the smaller attractions was a booth which advertised Don't Write -- Record It On The "Voice-O-Graph". Edith sang into a microphone and the Voice-O-Graph produced a six inch 78 rpm vinyl disk in its own mailing envelope suggesting First Class Postage Required 6 cents Air Mail 10 cents.