Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 00:52:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: Margaret
To: edith
Subject: Fan Mail

(Edith, would you be so good as to call Sis to the monitor?  Also, I am not
responsible for anything this cat writes)

Dear Sis,

        Margaret has told me what a friendly and beautiful cat you are.  I,
myself, am not too bad.  At least that's what the neighborhood kitties tell
me.  Occasionally I have to remind the other toms in the area who's boss
around here.  

        Anyway, I thought you and I might strike up a friendship...who knows
what could happen after that!  I might consider a long distance relationship
although I prefer to have my women close by.

        I am a single, black, male, feline, 4 yrs old, and from a good
family.  I have no close relatives except those god awful dogs and horses.
I don't even claim that green chicken that sits on his perch in the cage and
squawks and shrieks when I come by.)  My masters, Margaret and Jimmy, are
very good to me.  They feed me well, make sure I get my shots, so therefore
there is no danger of any STD's.  I work out frequently if you count jumping
from one lap to another and up on the counter whenever I hear a can opener.
I believe rest is essential for good health so I do take my share of naps.
One of my favorite places is in Tara's bathroom molds purrfectly
to my body.  Another favorite place is on top of the's like one
of those vibrating motel beds (maybe you could join me sometime!)  

        I'm kind of finicky when it comes to food.  I like Sheba (duck
flavor) and some of the Fancy Feasts.  For a snack I like Meow
keeps me regular.  

        I'm looking for a single, black, female, feline to share my
interests with.  I really don't like kittens too much, so I hope that is not
a big consideration with you.  Margaret said she didn't think that would
matter since you are no longer reproductive.  Just as long as you don't mind
if I have an occasional "night out".

        I'm going to attempt to send you a photo.  Hope it gets there OK and
hope to hear back from you soon.
            Your friend and admirer,

P.S.  I just loved your Web Page.  You have the sexiest voice!